Being Shortlisted Makes Me Sad

Aurealis Awards logo

Just when I’d decided to push a boulder across the front of my cave and have nothing more to do with the world of book promotion, those nice people who manage the Aurealis Awards stuck their collective foot in the door and shortlisted my book, Foresight, for Best Science Fiction Novel. Now I’ve got people congratulating […]

Cover Reveal: The Sentience Machine

The Sentience Machine cover

The Sentience Machine is a fast-paced science fiction thriller and number two in the Rik Sylver series. It goes on sale on Feb 2 at all your favourite online book shops. But before that happens, let me show you what it will look like.

You may be interested to know that this is the […]

Can You Judge a Book by its Cover?

The Credulity Nexus Cover 450X300

Like most writers, I often wonder about the efficacy of good cover design. From all directions, I hear the assertion that good covers sell books and bad covers cost sales. Yet I have never seen any real evidence to support this belief (a scientific study, for example), just anecdotes and more assertions. Clearly, to some, […]

May the Fourth is With Us

Cargo Cult cover

4th May is traditionally when I take stock of my writing career to date, looking back to 2008, which I consider the first year of me taking writing seriously as a career option, and trying to decide how I’m doing.

In the past year, huge things have happened. Not least of these was that I […]

Cargo Cult: More Formats Coming Soon


Feeling giddy with accomplishment. I finally managed to get Cargo Cult past the Smashwords “autovetter”. This delightful piece of software (which used to be more accurately called the “meat grinder” I believe) is one of the most finicky gatekeepers in the whole of publishing. In the past, I have failed utterly. I still have one […]

Cover Reveal: Cargo Cult by Graham Storrs

Cargo Cult cover

Next month, on All Fools Day, I am releasing my latest novel, Cargo Cult. It’s a sci-fi comedy, so I have no idea how it might be received – comedy is such a personal thing – but everyone who has read it so far, has loved it – including people who are not directly related […]

Aw c’mon, Brisbane’s a real swell place.

With just three weeks to go until the publication of my new novel, Heaven is a Place on Earth, the demons have begun whispering in my ear, telling me all the reasons people might find not to like it. Not that I need demons to remind me! You just have to scan a few Amazon […]

Heaven Cover Reveal Redux

You know, self-publishing sucks in so many ways – mainly because you have to do all the boring bits yourself – but one of the ways it doesn’t suck is this: you get control over everything. Not that I’m a control freak or anything, it’s just that having control over everything absolutely beats the opposite […]

Snowy – A Sci-Fi Story About a Cat.

We all love cats, right? I mean, they’re small, vicious killing machines that devastate our native wildlife and infest us with deadly brain parasites, but they’re soooo cute! Am I right?

I’m glad you agree.

And we all love science fiction too, yeah? I mean an awful lot of it is just Boy’s Own Adventure […]

The Dunning-Kruger Effect Explains So Much

He was better than average too.

I came across the Duning-Kruger effect in a series of tweets by an amusing fellow called @GodlessAtheist who argued that it is the reason why religious people are so smug. I don’t doubt that this is true. (Have you ever heard a religious type arguing any scientific issue?) […]