Cover Reveal: The Sentience Machine

The Sentience Machine cover

The Sentience Machine is a fast-paced science fiction thriller and number two in the Rik Sylver series. It goes on sale on Feb 2 at all your favourite online book shops. But before that happens, let me show you what it will look like.

You may be interested to know that this is the […]

Can You Judge a Book by its Cover?

The Credulity Nexus Cover 450X300

Like most writers, I often wonder about the efficacy of good cover design. From all directions, I hear the assertion that good covers sell books and bad covers cost sales. Yet I have never seen any real evidence to support this belief (a scientific study, for example), just anecdotes and more assertions. Clearly, to some, […]

May the Fourth is With Us

Cargo Cult cover

4th May is traditionally when I take stock of my writing career to date, looking back to 2008, which I consider the first year of me taking writing seriously as a career option, and trying to decide how I’m doing.

In the past year, huge things have happened. Not least of these was that I […]

Cargo Cult: More Formats Coming Soon


Feeling giddy with accomplishment. I finally managed to get Cargo Cult past the Smashwords “autovetter”. This delightful piece of software (which used to be more accurately called the “meat grinder” I believe) is one of the most finicky gatekeepers in the whole of publishing. In the past, I have failed utterly. I still have one […]

Cover Reveal: Cargo Cult by Graham Storrs

Cargo Cult cover

Next month, on All Fools Day, I am releasing my latest novel, Cargo Cult. It’s a sci-fi comedy, so I have no idea how it might be received – comedy is such a personal thing – but everyone who has read it so far, has loved it – including people who are not directly related […]

Aw c’mon, Brisbane’s a real swell place.

With just three weeks to go until the publication of my new novel, Heaven is a Place on Earth, the demons have begun whispering in my ear, telling me all the reasons people might find not to like it. Not that I need demons to remind me! You just have to scan a few Amazon […]

Heaven Cover Reveal Redux

You know, self-publishing sucks in so many ways – mainly because you have to do all the boring bits yourself – but one of the ways it doesn’t suck is this: you get control over everything. Not that I’m a control freak or anything, it’s just that having control over everything absolutely beats the opposite […]

Snowy – A Sci-Fi Story About a Cat.

We all love cats, right? I mean, they’re small, vicious killing machines that devastate our native wildlife and infest us with deadly brain parasites, but they’re soooo cute! Am I right?

I’m glad you agree.

And we all love science fiction too, yeah? I mean an awful lot of it is just Boy’s Own Adventure […]

The Dunning-Kruger Effect Explains So Much

He was better than average too.

I came across the Duning-Kruger effect in a series of tweets by an amusing fellow called @GodlessAtheist who argued that it is the reason why religious people are so smug. I don’t doubt that this is true. (Have you ever heard a religious type arguing any scientific issue?) […]

Evolution and Space

I have a new short story out as a “single” on Amazon. It’s called “Finding the Future” and it’s priced at $0.99c for those on a low budget. For pensioners, concession card holders and people who wouldn’t spit in my mouth if my teeth were on fire, you can actually get the story for free […]